Scales lever sealed VRG-2M

Scales lever sealed VRG-2M

The scales lever sealed VRG-2M are intended for measurement of density of drilling, cement mortars and liquid chemical reagents under pressure.

The test solution is pumped into the glass under pressure, which brings the conditions closer to the downhole.

Instrument performance:

  • – Measuring range, g/cm³ from 0,8 to 3,0
  • – Graduation, g/cm³ – 0,01
  • – Measurement error, % ±0,5


Used in accordance with the:

  • – GOST 33213-2014 (ISO 10414-1:2008) “Control of drilling fluids parameters in field conditions. Water-based solutions”.
  • – GOST 33697-2015 (ISO 10414-2:2011) “Hydrocarbon-based drilling fluids. Field monitoring”.
  • – STO Gazprom 7.3-002-2010 “Normative documents for well construction. Drilling fluid. Field trial”.