Areometer ABR-1M

Ареометр АБР-1М

The areometer of the ADB-1M drilling mud (the Areometer of the ADB-1M) is designed to determine the density of drilling or any other solutions, as well as liquids and slurries neutral to polyethylene.

Instrument performance:

– density measurement range, g / cm³
– with a calibrated load – (0.8 to 1.7)
– without calibrated load – (1.7 to 2.6)
– the price of division of the scale of the areometer, g / cm³ – (0.01)
– working medium – water density from 0.96 to 1.039 g / cm³
– limit of permissible error at a temperature of (20 ± 2) ° С, g / cm³ – (0.01)
– dimensions of the areometer, mm – (66х454)
– mass of the hydrometer with a case, kg – (1.0)

The areometer ADB-1M manufactured by OMA has been entered into the State Register of approved types of measuring instruments (SI) under number 54578-13.

Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation.

It is applied according to:

– RD 39-00147001-773-2004 “Methods of monitoring parameters of drilling mud.”
– GOST 33697-2015 (ISO 10414-2: 2011) “Drilling fluids on a hydrocarbon basis. Parameter control in field conditions”.
– STO Gazprom 7.3-002-2010 “Regulatory documents for the construction of wells. Drilling fluids. Field tests.”