Scales lever-densitometer VRP-1M

Scales lever-densitometer VRP-1M

Lever balance – VRP-1M densitometer is designed to measure the density of drilling, cement mortars and liquid chemicals.

Scales can be used both indoors and outdoors under a canopy, in areas with a temperate climate.

Instrument performance:

  • – Measuring range, g/cm³ from 0.8 to 2.6
  • – Graduation, g/cm³ – 0.01
  • – Measurement error, % ±0,5


Lever balance VRP-1M is available in several versions:

  • – scales made of aluminum alloy;
  • – stainless steel scales.


Used in accordance with the:

— RD 39-00147001-773-2004 “Method of drilling mud parameters control”.
— GOST 33213-2014 (ISO 10414-1:2008) “Control of drilling fluids parameters in field conditions. Water-based solutions”.
— GOST 33697-2015 (ISO 10414-2:2011) “Hydrocarbon-based drilling fluids. Field monitoring”.
— STO Gazprom 7.3-002-2010 “Normative documents for well construction. Drilling fluid. Field trial”.