Retort set PH-10

The retort kit allows you to measure the volume of water and oil released from a hydrocarbon-based mud sample when heated in a calibrated retort device. This section includes procedures for performing a retort analysis using either the volumetric or gravimetric method.

Cell volume (muffle): 10 ml.

It is applied according to:

– RD 39-00147001-773-2004 “Methods of monitoring parameters of drilling mud.”
– GOST 33213-2014 (ISO 10414-1: 2008) “Control of parameters of drilling fluids in field conditions. Water based solutions”.
– GOST 33697-2015 (ISO 10414-2: 2011) “Drilling fluids on a hydrocarbon basis. Parameter control in field conditions”.
– STO Gazprom 7.3-002-2010 “Regulatory documents for the construction of wells. Drilling fluids. Field tests.”